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Blood Sugar Control

SKU: 34142-803
  • Our Blood Sugar Control formula id packed with vitamins, Minerals and herbs that have shown positive results in lowering and regulating blood sugar levels.  Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that in many cases can be positively helped with diet, exercise, proper nerve function and the right combination of supplements.

  • Biotin, Juniper, white mulberry, vanadium and Banaba Leaf helps lower and regulate blood sugar

    Magnesium and Chromium helps stabilize normal blood sugar levels

    Zinc and Manganese promotes healthy insulin production and glucose metabolism

    Guggul and Licorice root have anti-inflammatory properties in the pancreas

    Bitter Melon mimics the effect of insulin to help more glucose get into the cells

    Cinnamon and cayenne helps insulin to be more productive.

    Gymnema helps lower sugar cravings

    Yarrow help regulate glucose into cells

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