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Neck Pain

Conditions / including shoulder pain and carpal tunnel


The Treatment You Get

Neck pain can be very debilitating on many levels.  It can affect your ability to get a good night sleep, concentrate at work, and even hinder your capability to perform simple tasks like driving a car. Chiropractic adjustments for the cervical spine are safe and effective.  Some people may be apprehensive about adjustments of the neck, but our techniques are very comfortable and deliver well needed relief.

A chiropractic examination will typically reveal abnormal movement and position of the vertebrae. This is generally confirmed on an x-ray, which will confirm the proper course of treatment. 

Neck Pain

Including Shoulder Pain And Carpal Tunnel

Neck pain is extremely common but can become a very serious matter if left uncorrected.  The causes of neck pain can greatly vary. Sometimes it can be the whiplash from a recent car accident or maybe an accident you had 20 years ago.  Maybe it’s playing hours of video games or watching TV slouched on the couch.  Regardless of the cause, the goal would be to correct the cause and not just treat the symptoms.  

Chiropractic Benefits

The advantage of getting adjusted is of great benefit, not only to alleviate pain, but to indeed improve the overall health of the body.  The most interesting and most important part of the cervical spine are the first two vertebrae just under the skull.  When these vertebrae subluxate, they not only cause neck pain, but because of their proximity to the brain, they can affect the function of other functions of the body


Pain Free Living Starts Here

Chiropractic is a Safe, Natural, and Effective solution to correct the cause of your pain. So stop hoping and start acting… Schedule your appointment today.

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