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About Dr. Vetere

Dr. Joseph Vetere was born, raised and still lives in the New York City area.  In 1986, he graduated from New York Chiropractic College with honors and has been in private practice in the Bronx for the past 37 years.


Dr. Vetere has treated and taught thousands of patients in the Genesis Life Wellness Program in addition to treating patients with back pain, neck pain, headaches and many other common conditions. He is also an accomplished author of several books and highly sought-after international conference speaker.

Our intention is to give each patient individualized attention regarding their health concerns and goals.  Especially, in a day and age where most health care has become the practice of "disease management", the Genesis Life Wellness Center goes against the grain and focuses on "cause correction" and "health restoration".

Dr. Vetere personally conducts each new patient consultation and evaluation.


Pain Free Living Starts Here

Chiropractic is a Safe, Natural, and Effective solution to correct the cause of your pain. So stop hoping and start acting… Schedule your appointment today.

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