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Chill Mood

SKU: 34141-801
  • Stress and anxiety has become a part of everyone’s life no matter if you like it or not.  Sometimes you want to relax, but your mind just keeps on going and going.  You don’t want to get hooked on medication.  This blend of vitamins and herbs may be a perfect solution.

  • B vitamins are vital in producing the chemicals that stabilize mood centers in the brain

    Rhodiola improves mental energy and stress tolerance

    Ashwagandha has mood lifting effects

    Chamomile increases dopamine and serotonin activity to enhance mood

    Lemon balm helps calm anxiety

    Passion flower helps lower stress and anxiety

    St. Johns Wort proven to help with mild symptoms of depression

    GABA has a calming effect over stress and fear

    L-Theanine helps relieve stress and improve concentration

    5-HTP helps raise serotonin levels promoting positive mood and decreased anxiety

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